Your Business Needs Consistent Growth.

Are you a real estate agent who has lofty goals in y our business? Perhaps you want to be the “go-to expert” in a particular area in your city. Or maybe you have set yearly goals for increased completed transactions. Unless your goal is neutral growth you will need to build effective marketing systems and solutions that work.

Gone are many of the traditional marketing activities that agents used to effectively generate qualified leads. The consumer of today is search-savvy, actively seeking out information about their ideal home and ideal agent long before they reach out and find the right professional to work with. They are actively using search engines to research real estate and are consuming high quality content. This is why effective PPC solutions are a must for any serious agent with growth goals.

Our PPC solutions drive highly relevant consumers to your website right when they are most interested in viewing a home or selling their property at a fraction of the cost of traditional real estate marketing activities.

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How Does PPC Marketing Work?

Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is a strategy that can be used to help your real estate business. It is an advertising channel that directs traffic to your website. You only pay a fee (per click) when a consumer clicks through an ad created in the system and lands on your website.

By buying PPC ads on popular search engines, you will be able to promote your website almost instantly, and this occurs faster than with search engine optimization which is a longer term process that takes months to see initial results.

However, the costs associated with PPC ads can add up quickly, so it is suggested that businesses have a marketing plan that consists of both SEO and PPC advertising – along with managed PPC services so that your monthly spend is optimized properly. Property Target can help you to develop this plan as well as all of your real estate pay per click services.

How Can Property Target Help My Business?

At Property Target, we can help your real estate business to get noticed by customers who are interested in your services. We can help new businesses or those that just need to upgrade their real estate marketing strategy. We can help you with the following services:

  • Reviewing Your Objectives: Discuss your business goals and what you would like to achieve
  • Developing a Customized PPC Marketing Plan: We can help you research keywords and create ads that customers will want to click. Additionally, we can create ads that target the specific market that you serve.
  • Tracking Results: We can help you to track the performance of your PPC marketing campaign in order for you to fully understand who, how, and when customers are finding your real estate business.

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