Real Estate Link Building for Realtors & Brokerages

Link building is an important part to your real estate website, and its search engine optimization (SEO) depends on it. Your website’s SEO success relies heavily on the quantity and especially the quality of links that lead back to your site. Major search engines will look at incoming links, as this helps them to judge the value of a site. These links can be found in web directories, built through social networks, and via content marketing, and other sites can also provide links from their site to your site.

Are All Links the Same?

The answer is no.

Search engines do not view all links the same, and each will have a different amount of importance and relevance with the search engine.

We help you to carefully select the sources where you will build links in order to make your campaign highly successful:

  • Some of the ways that we can help to make sure your site is viewed as valuable by major search engines are outlined below:
  • We can help you develop social networking and article submission goals to ensure that your business stays relevant.
  • We can identify and discover highly ranked websites for you to place quality links back to your website. We will also ensure that these websites are relevant so that you can achieve a higher ranking on search engine results.
  • We utilize marketing and promotional campaigns to attract website partners that will be relevant to you as a real estate professional.
  • We analyze potential website partners and choose those that meet our criteria, including credibility, relevance, and high search engine ranking.
  • We will help develop content that is highly usable and resonates with others who will reward you by giving you back links and social shares.

Evaluating Link Quality

At Property Target, we feel that the importance of real estate link building is often overlooked. Many professionals don’t understand the most important aspects of this process and engage in a campaign that does not produce intended effects. That is why our link building services are so important, as we can help you to identify the links that will have the most value for your business.

We also build local citations – an important part of results in Local SEO services for real estate agents.

Some of the factors that we consider when we will work with your website are addressed below:

  • Content Marketing: We actively pursue building links by generating well-crafted quality content of value and asking others to publish. We also product content for the client which we publish at your blog to develop inbound links.
  • Relevancy and Quantity of Links: Pages that have hundreds of links may not produce the desired results, as pages are only able to share a certain amount of equity from links. The equity will be spread too thinly if there are too many links on a site.
  • Domain Age: We attempt to procure links from sites that are older, as greater link values are typically found in domains with long histories.
  • Domain Authority: Links should be obtained only from reputable domains, and if even one link is blacklisted, your entire ranking can be put in jeopardy.
  • Hub Authority: The hub authority of a page will outline the value of you links. Tools like Hubfinder can be used to check out sites that have links to common resources.
  • Anchor Text: Incorrect anchor text can be detrimental to how effective your link is.
  • Status of Search Engine Indexing: Any page from which you receive a link should already be indexed by search engines. Some pages may be blocked from indexing, and it is important to ensure that the links you are receiving are not from one of these pages.
  • Alexa Ranking: This ranking is an indicator that a site is well linked and popular, and this can be an advantage for your real estate website.
  • Relevant Page and Domain Links: Links from related websites are the most helpful, as they will make the most sense to search engines and human visitors.

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