Is Your Marketing Program Driving Enough Real Estate Leads?

Whether you are a seasoned real estate veteran, new to the business or a broker owner, one thing is evidently clear.

You need real estate leads.

We all do. Fresh prospects and leads provide real opportunities for revenue and business growth. They reinforce the difference between successful and unsuccessful real estate agents. They allow you to build confidence in your business, and most importantly nurture consumers who are not yet ready to purchase a home (and do not want aggressive sales pressure to do so)

Without an online marketing strategy that drives a consistent stream of relevant leads to your business you lose potential business that converts to clients. This also opens the opportunity for your competitors to attract and work with those clients, helping them consistently build traction.

Most Offline Traditional Real Estate Lead Generation Today is Ineffective and Costly

Let’s face it, some of the traditional ways of building real estate referrals and potential clients in real estate have gone by the wayside. Sure, there are success stories of agents who have built a lifetime of success from door-knocking and FSBO mining. Think about the ways in which you currently generate leads.

There are better, faster ways to reach your target audience at a much lower cost, and a much higher ROI.

Real Estate Inbound Marketing

Your audience – consumers looking to sell or purchase real estate in the area you are expert in – are adept at search. After all, 98% of them use search everyday to research products and services including homes for sale and local real estate agents.

80% of all home sales are initiated by a referral from a friend or family.

But there are a lot of homes selling.

You need to be part of the 20% that are being sold by a single search. A consumer searching online for someone like you to build value and help those consumers with their needs.

Fair Enough, What Can We Do?

The future of online marketing for Realtors lies in local expertise – agents such as yourself – driven by technology to provide a robust and rich home selling and buying experience. Ask yourself – what is my audience searching for?

Your audience is searching for:

  • High quality, usable IDX websites in order to browse, filter, locate, bookmark and share homes listed on the MLS
  • Robust educative material on the home buying and selling process, and ways to determine who is expert in their own area and niche.
  • A local expert – someone who is very well versed on market pricing, amenities, schools, points of interest and a range of items

It’s a lot to consider, but it all boils down to one starting point question:

Are You Highly Visible in Search?

You need to meet today’s consumer where they frequent, and provide remarkable content that educates them on the selling and buying process, the local area, and their options. You need to show up when they search for you in search engines. And you need to look professional and ready when they do.

Don’t wait until another agent in your area surpasses you in search, builds incredible content and shares it, or gains momentum.

Your time is now.

Contact Property Target today at 1.855.858.7500, and let’s talk about your company. You’ll never look back.