Facebook Real Estate Marketing Services

Businesses are increasingly turning to social media sites like Facebook as a way of marketing their products and services. This is also true for real estate professionals, as more Internet users are utilizing Facebook than search engines like Google. Although for real estate agents professional SEO services will always be important, it is critical to tap into this market and better connect with potential customers. Therefore you should consider a Facebook marketing campaign, and Property Target can help you with these services.

A presence on Facebook for a real estate broker or agent is a great way to increase brand perception, branding, and loyalty, and it can help you to convert your followers on social media sites into customers. This can be done at a relatively low cost, especially when compared to other types of marketing. At Property Target, we can help you to build and promote your social media presence – building a business Facebook page, develop a targeted cost-per-click campaign, and promote deals and specials.

What are Facebook Business Pages?

A Facebook business page will serve as a secondary website, and these pages are a great way to distribute promotions, events, and news, as each one of your posts will be distributed via your news feed to your fans. This means that your content could possibly be distributed to thousands of people at one time, resulting in your message being delivered to possible customers directly rather than waiting for them to visit your website first.

At Property Target, we offer services for Facebook business pages. We can help you to reach customers by creating a plan and content strategy for your page. We can also assist you with the design and creation of a branded page for your real estate business, and we always keep lead conversion in mind throughout the process.

Facebook Paid Search and Boosted Posts

Many real estate professionals that engage in online marketing techniques have used Google AdWords, and they understand that this is a great way to capture potential customers at the exact time that they wish to make a purchase. Facebook paid search campaigns can take this a step further and will assist businesses with capturing these customers both before and after this conversion.

Facebook marketing has a unique ability in that it can show ads to users whose friends recently engaged with your page within their news feed. For example, a person may see that their friend has recently become a fan of your page, or they may see a comment that a mutual friend has added to one of your posts. This makes your page seem more relevant and interesting to the audience you are targeting.

Ads on Facebook can also help you to drive traffic to your website, and this can increase your brand awareness. Ads can also be targeted to specific Facebook users through the use of demographics like location, gender, age, and relationship status. For example, you can target a property listing specifically to your Facebook fans that live in that area, or you can target engaged couples as potential first-time home buyers. Google search advertising is not able to engage in these activities.

Contact us at Property Target today to discuss how a Facebook marketing campaign can help your real estate business.