Real Estate Email Marketing Services For Agents and Brokerages

At Property Target, we can help you develop an email marketing campaign that will keep your existing and new customers coming back to you. We use attractive and professional email communications in order to stay in touch with your clients to build solid relationships. These campaigns are more effective than regular emails.

Some of the Benefits of Real Estate Email Marketing Services Include:

  • Increased customer communication: The creation of email newsletters is inexpensive, and it is a relatively quick process. Therefore, you will be able to send them out more frequently than paper newsletters. Email marketing occurs more regularly than standard email, and you will be able to avoid spam filters while being noticed by more people.
  • Increased tracking capabilities: With email marketing campaigns, you can see who opened emails, who forwarded emails to friends, and who they should be resent to. You can also see what your readers have clicked on in order to better gauge what your readers are interested in learning.
  • Spend less on postage and paper: Email marketing campaigns for Realtors are inexpensive and can fit into any budget. You don’t have to worry about buying stamps, printing costs, or stuffing envelopes.
  • Get faster response times: With email marketing, you can schedule the delivery of your emails for a time when your customers may be most likely to check their mail. This can help to increase the likelihood that your email will be read and that your customers will take action.
  • Targeting: With email marketing, you are able to segment your database in order to target customers based on their interests. This allows you to send more specific and relevant messages directly to your customers. Recipients will be more likely act on and respond to these messages because they are personalized to the customer.
  • Increase your referrals with less work: Since email newsletters are easy to forward on, your customers can send them on to their friends. By selecting the “Join Mailing List” button on your site, these prospects can then receive regular emails that can help to turn these prospects into customers.
  • At Property Target, we can assist you with all of your email marketing needs. Some of the services we can provide your real estate business include:
  • Email creation
  • Linking emails with social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, or your blog.
  • Increasing your email list
  • Manage unsubscribe and bounce information
  • Mailing list segmentation by interest or other criteria to better target your emails
  • Tracking and reporting to get real time results
  • Monitor your email list growth
  • Compare and monitor email performance
  • Ensure reliable delivery

Contact Property Target today to discuss how we can help you to develop a unique and customized email marketing campaign for your real estate business.