Powerful IDX-Driven Real Estate Agent Websites

At Property Target, we offer real estate agent websites, web design and complete IDX driven solutions for agents and brokers in order to meet the unique needs of your business and office.

Why Do I Need an IDX Real Estate Website?

In order to be successful in your real estate career, your brokerage will need a website that properly shows off your inventory to make a good first impression on potential customers. Your website should be well-built to drive SEO traffic and generate real estate leads.

Your website should also provide personal space for your image and details with a standard appearance in order to properly carry your brand. Some of the top features offered by Property Target IDX real estate websites include:

  • Lead segmenting
  • Massive customizable SEO powerhouse framework
  • A page containing a list of agents with their photos
  • Full in-software real estate marketing tools
  • Lead management system with email campaigns that are easily customized
  • Website IDX Integration

Robust Services

Property Target offers websites for real estate agents, and they are detailed below.

  • Agent Template Websites: Template websites are a good option because they are easy to update with listings and content, and they are one of the top websites in the industry in terms of appearance. These templates can be updated over time with back end and front end additions that will keep your site useful, functional, and modern.
  • Custom Websites for Agents: These websites are 100% unique, and they also offer top notch back end technologies and platforms. These may include lead management, content management, and IDX management. Anything is possible with a customized real estate website from Property Target.
  • Limited Edition Custom Sites for Agents: These sites are the most cost efficient and performance-focused. They provide IDX search functionality and focus on lead captures. These sites stand out in the real estate market while maintaining a reasonable price.

Property Listing Integration

At Property Target, we offer a variety of options for property listing integration on your website. These IDX Feeds are beneficial for brokers, agents, and real estate professionals from all over the world.

  • Property Listing Software: This method of integration is a way to display property listings on your website in a cost efficient manner. It is perfect for single brokers and individual agents, and it can also be useful for smaller brokerages that would like to work independently of MLS boards. It is also a popular option for real estate agents that work in countries where MLS boards are not available. Property listings are placed into an administration area manually because connectivity with MLS is non-existent. The real estate professional also has control over data and listings along with unlimited potential for formatting and customization. This method of integration also works well when used in combination with Smart Framing MLS method.
  • Smart Framing: This method is the most cost efficient when used with design packages. With this method, your MLS will provide you with the web links that are needed to encode your site. This displays MLS search results directly to your site, and this ultimately keeps visitors on your site while they are searching through your listings. Your MLS will format your data, so this method does not offer formatting capabilities. Therefore, you will want to ensure your MLS provider supports Smart Framing before selecting this option.

Fixed Feed IDX

This method automatically exports your property photos and listings from your MLS database and displays them on your website in an organized and aesthetically pleasing layout. Special software and scripts are used to complete this process. Your listings will be automatically updated when changes are made on your MLS.

With this method, you will no longer need to enter your listings manually or maintain them, as all of your data will be imported from your MLS directly. In addition, you will also be able to use advanced features to partake in thorough management and lead captures.