If You Are Not on Page One of Search Results, You are Losing Customers to Your Competition

Do You Want More Traffic, Leads and Revenue For Your Business?

Our SEO experts make it their business to help grow your business. Rank higher on Google, Bing and Yahoo! and discover what makes us truly unique:

  • Get Page One Rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo!
  • Generate More Customers For Your Business
  • Stop Losing Customers To Your Competition
  • Receive Clear, Accountable Monthly Reporting
  • Experience Highly Responsive Communication From Our Team

How We Are Different? See Our 7 Point Promise Below

1Real Results - Page 1 Rankings in Google and Bing

For over 8 years we have been building page one results for our clients in the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! Higher rankings, more traffic, and more sales and customers.

It all starts with our industry-leading comprehensive SEO audit and evaluation process. followed by a precise SEO strategy and ongoing execution.

2Receive Highly Responsive Communication From Our Team

Have you ever worked with an SEO company and found that communication and updates are few and far between? You won’t find that here. Expect bi-weekly updates and consistent, relevant communication from our team. We love to hear from you.

3Receive Clear, Accountable Monthly Reporting

Many companies struggle to receive timely or valuable reports from their marketing agency. We provide industry-leading monthly reports including in-depth analysis and details as well as account summaries – leaving you well prepared, in the know and on top of ROI.

4Expect Increased Traffic and Visibility in Search

By thoroughly understanding your business and building comprehensive strategy we drive increased traffic and visibility to your website from online search. The net result to your business is increased leads and customers while taking away customer share from your competitors.

5Exclusivity to Our Clients

Servicing competitors is a real concern for most businesses – and it should be. If your marketing agency is servicing other similar customers in your target area who gets priority? You will never need to worry about competitors with us; we work exclusively with you and you alone, in your vertical and geographical target area.

6We Limit Our Total Number of Clients

We believe that each and every client deserves the best we have to offer and our complete, focused attention. That’s why we use an in-house formula to understand our client numbers – and stick to them. When we are approaching a full house of clients we stop advertising until we bring on more highly effective talent.

7Fully Up To Date in All Things SEO

In order to build the best possible results for your company we need to be great at what we do. Achieving greatness comes from being passionate about what we do and staying highly trained. Our team is Google Certified in search and studies and trains weekly in order to provide your business the competitive advantage you need to dominate search.

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Riverbed Marketing was instrumental in helping us determine the issues we were having on our website and in rankings, and rectify those issues and low quality links, as well as develop a strategy that is based on building more revenue through search.

Tracey Evans, Founder, Top Wedding Favors

Todd and the team at Riverbed Marketing were instrumental in helping more Canadians find PosterJack online. They use quality, ethical and substantial methods to ensure your site is ranking where it should be to generate more business.

Tim Faught, Founder and CEO, PosterJack

Todd, just have to say, it is so refreshing to have full disclosure, and comprehensive reports on our SEO activity!!! The last firm we used refused to disclose anything and gave us the only answer of “you’re on page one aren’t you?

Sherry Jacobi, Creative Director at StudioThink

Todd has always provided a quality service. He’s quick to respond to the client’s needs and offers flexibility without compromising on standards. He’s a true pleasure to work with.

Kathryn Parsons, Marketing Manager (Paid and Natural Search) at Office Depot

When we were looking for an awesome SEO provider that talked in laymen’s terms that our clients could understand, Todd and Riverbed Marketing were top of the list. In fact, for “SEO Vancouver” he was first page on Google. RBM knows their SEO and SEM inside and out, they are budget conscious, fun to work with, and results and ROI focused. I’d highly recommend this team to anyone wanting to get more results from their website.

Chandra Blouin, StudioThink

I’ve had the benefit of working with Todd on more than one project and has truly earned the title of “expert” in the SEO field. I’m yet to come across a more knowledgeable, insightful and committed individual in the online marketing world (who has a little fun along the way). Always willing to collaborate and tackle a difficult project. Look forward to working with him again someday on a new adventure.

Dawn Strobel, Animaroo, Go By Truck

Todd and his team know their stuff. They developed an online marketing strategy and executed on it, in a very competitive marketplace, and now our business not only ranks well but generates increased leads from the Internet

Jim Bizly, Park City Rental Properties LLC

I’ve worked on numerous client PPC accounts for RBM and have always received precise details on goals and objectives for each client. RBM uses their strong communication skills and extensive search marketing knowledge to outline an effective game plan and strategy to help drive maximized ROI results for their clients.

Yaz Jiwa, Founder, PPC Pros Marketing

Riverbed Marketing brings the highest level of integrity, expertise and professionalism to his role as a search engine marketing consultant. These attributes, combined with Todd Mumford’s common sense approach to business, ability to tailor his strategy to meet your business requirements and his tireless work ethic make him an ideal partner for anyone looking to improve their website’s search engine performance.

Gary Taylor, Founder, Transcona Media

Todd is a great asset to any team and has excellent management skills. Todd is an “out the box” thinker and is the type of person that goes the extra mile. He is not a “do the minimum” type of person. He is available almost 24 hours a day (the guy never sleeps) and it is a pleasure working with him. Todd is a trustworthy and honest person and most importantly – he knows his stuff! Todd is an extremely talented and experienced SEO and online marketer. Once again – an asset to any company!

Ryan Wasserman, Founder and CEO, Healing Natural Oils

The attention to detail, the way in which you build an online marketing strategy and make it happen, and confidence in building the results you have achieved for us are a breath of fresh air in the marketing industry.

Geoff Lee, Founder and CEO Geoff Lee Mortgage Group

I began working with Todd at Riverbed Marketing in March 2010 at which time we met while I was looking for a local face to face source to work on my SEO for my real estate website Realestatevalley.ca I felt having a face to face meeting would give best accountability in a working relationship. To this day Todd continues to exceed far beyond my wildest expectations of what success I could achieve in real estate with an online presence. My website has been consistently and steadily growing its user base over the past 3 years and I now have over 100,000 visitors with approximately 100 new leads each and every day. From what started as a one man realtor show with my website I now have 23 realtors working full time with me all of which are being provided leads from the websiteand it all started with just one coffee meeting with Todd. If you want one of the best in the business make sure your give Todd a call.

Rick Clarke, Founder, Century 21 New Trends Realty

I had the pleasure of working with Todd to jump-start the SEO campaign of my commerce business that was underperforming. I saw immediate results and continued to grow ever since. Todd is reliable, detailed, and extremely professional. I highly recommend Todd for your needs in any aspect of internet marketing.

Adam J. Gil, Owner and President, Paraiba International

We hired  Riverbed Marketing in February 2013 to handle our SEO and AD words campaign, and have never looked back since. We have seen increases in traffic to our website,  improved  revenue from our e-commerce site and great results from our AD Words campaign. Todd and his team are fantastic people to deal with and certainly understand the industry and how to make it work for their clients.

Clive Braude, Founder, Pallucci Furniture