What is Landing Page Conversion and Usability?

As much as you try to build traffic for your site, it can all be in vain if your landing page is not set up to support conversion rates. While traffic generation via local SEO and promotion are important first steps, keeping readers on your site is critical. Most importantly, your page needs to have a clear call to action that will convert visitors to paying customers.

At Property Target, we understand the unique needs of your real estate business and how landing page conversion can help. This process looks at your website’s elements and the type of impression they will provide to visitors. Functionality, design, and code elements are all important pieces to a successful website and the conversion of visitors. We can also provide effective ways for your site visitors to see your call to action and make the necessary step toward conversion.

Landing Page Conversion Benefits

If visitors only spend a minute on your website before moving on, you are not achieving the benefit of this traffic. It is important that visitors spend time on your site in order to properly view the services and products that you offer, and landing page conversion can do just that. Your real estate business can benefit from landing page conversion services through the conversion success rate, and the creation of a solid landing page will be pivotal in turning your website visitors into customers. Other benefits include:

  • Use of navigation links can alter your conversion rate and impact your site’s efficiency
  • Improved revenue and the potential for returning customers, specifically if your site includes attention grabbing lead copy, headlines, and calls to action.
  • The creation of a unified message to attract and hold your visitors’ attention
  • Increase in the willingness for visitors to convert to customers

We understand that your real estate business needs a website that includes an effective, successful, and strong landing page in order to properly generate results. We have experience in branding, Internet marketing, and SEO, so we have the knowledge and expertise to achieve success for your business.

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