Inbound Marketing: Attract Your Ideal Client Today

In order to build a strong real estate brand you need leads. Traditional real estate marketing and lead generation is costly and mostly ineffective, and lead generation costs continue to rise. Your ideal client is using search to research real estate, follow professionals and answer some of their questions in their own time and when they choose. They are a considerable way through the sales process before they even contact a real estate agent.

Inbound marketing draws customers to your brand with excellent content by with highly useful content that answers questions, solves problems and entertains your ideal client. An effective inbound marketing campaign will drive consistent leads to your brand, helping educate and nurture those ideal buyers long before they connect with you. It can differentiate you in your market, consistently increase relevant traffic to your brand and distinguish you as the go-to expert in your area.

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How Do Inbound Marketing Services Work?

Traditional marketing, usually described as ‘outbound’, which makes use of advertisements, mailers and billboards, is becoming less and less effective due to the fact that the average consumer is already bombarded with so many marketing messages these days. If you’ve been relying on these methods to build your brand, it’s time to consider inbound marketing – building and sharing great content in order to attract your audience. Not only does this help attract and engage your target audience; Google and the search engines love great content and will reward you with better rankings for it.

Inbound marketing is a methodology – a way of doing marketing. It can and is applied across a range of channels including SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing and landing page development.

The Benefits of an Effective Inbound Marketing campaign:

  • Improve traffic from online search
  • Increase qualified leads from potential home buyers and sellers
  • Engage consumers and educate them early in the sales process
  • Demonstrate authority and be perceived as the local “go-to expert”
  • Increase brand loyalty and return clients

Understanding the Inbound Marketing Process

Inbound marketing involves the following steps:

– creating high quality content that is useful to and will be sought by your target audience

– ensuring all content is search engine optimized

– distributing content in the most effective way possible through appropriate channels

– attracting potential clients to your business and having them enter a sales cycle that will convert them into loyal customers

– amassing a community of loyal customers using social media and other online tools

Content strategy is key in successful inbound marketing and can include the following:

– blog posts and blogs

– articles

– newsletters

– white papers

– e-books

– videos

– podcasts

There is an endless array of possibilities when it comes to content crafting, and an expert will enable you to harness the limitless potential offered by inbound marketing.

Why Is It So Important?

The sales-driven nature of the real estate business as well as the thirst for information displayed by real estate consumers make inbound marketing essential for realtors and real estate brokers who are serious about their businesses.

Realtors and real estate brokerages or agencies exist because customers need them to solve certain problems. Real estate businesses need to dig deeper by uncovering new ways to solve their customers’ problems, first through content marketing and then through their own paid services.

How Can Property Target Help?

Property Target are experts at inbound marketing and will do the following:

– analyze your business and its objectives

– help your business scope out opportunities to attract customers through content creation

– handle every step of an inbound marketing campaign including formulating your strategy, executing each step, analyzing and reporting, and optimising all content for search engines

– create high quality content that will effectively drive customers

– convert leads to customers by cultivating the relationship between you and your clients every step of the way

– uncover new ways to drive customers that your competitors have overlooked

We are experts at marketing real estate businesses and have intimate and specialized knowledge of the real estate industry. Having helped other realtors, real estate brokerages and real estate agencies with inbound marketing, we know what works and how best to tailor it to your business.

Contact us to discover how inbound marketing can help your business improve by leaps and bounds.

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