How Joining a Tech-Savvy Real Estate Brokerage Can Boost Your Sales

The internet, social media, clicks, leads and lead generation…these are no longer cool tech

Boise Commercial Real Estate

Boise Commercial Real Estate (Photo credit: mrshife)

terminologies. They are mainstream terms. While they may seem ordinary to the average Joe on the streets, they are what ultimately make the big difference between successful brokers and their not so successful counterparts.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports that 87% of home buyers often begin their search on the internet. It further reports that they always begin their search six months or more prior to buying. What does this mean? If your home or rather property is not found in these spaces, you are simply missing out on the largest audience of home buyers. Keep in mind that the internet is just but one of the tools tech savvy realtors use. They also have apps, email and text services in their arsenal to market your property to the largest possible audience of prospective buyers. So, what really does joining a tech savvy brokerage mean?

By now, you should have come to grips that there’s just too much competition around you. You have to be smart and stand out lest you are completely swept out the game. A tech savvy brokerage, as you will find out, may be the only thing standing between success and failure. Such brokerages usually approach everything differently. From advertising, lead generation and ensuring each lead stays long enough to seal a deal. Of course you will need marketing consulting or even ongoing lead generation work,  but those aspect too, are sometimes covered by any competent tech savvy brokerage. That said and done, you can be sure that with a tech savvy broker, your business will effortlessly transcend the financial boundaries that usually characterize large scale advertising, which needless to say, is a time saving, cost effective alternative to traditional marketing concepts as well as advertising. In other words, the tech savvy broker will allow your company to allocate funds for services such as lead generation where you can always be sure of returns on investment.

Remember that in any business, one has to know where to find customers and how to bait them. This is actually what tech savvy brokerage agents do. They know that your listing needs to be marketed to three different groups:

1. Real Estate agents directly
2. Buyers working with other agents
3. Buyers not working with other agents

Tech savvy agents use the right real estate marketing strategies to reach these groups. They know how to blanket the internet with your listing so as to reach groups 1 and 2 with ease. It may sound like a cliché or something you already know, but fact is, competent tech savvy agents know how to use photos and videos to highlight the best features that your home and community have to offer.

While looking for a tech savvy agent, take time to choose one that has a positive reputation online. The agent must have enough experience to market your listing. Experienced tech savvy agents, unlike their inexperienced counterparts, often have a database of buyers and agents interested in your area. They will mail buyers and agents on their priority list about your hot new listing and even go an extra mile to hold open houses to show off your listing to prospective buyers and fellow brokers.

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