5 Ways to Create a Cost-Effective Real Estate Marketing Plan

The ultimate goal of a comprehensive strategy is to garner potential leads or immediate

Marketing Plan/Timeline

Marketing Plan/Timeline (Photo credit: Jen Beever)

sales. But like you are and I already know, marketing is not a one step of sales and advertising. Instead, it is a well defined, comprehensive approach to finding prospective buyers, taking the right steps to convert them into long term clients, offering them royalty services and developing a healthy long term working relationship. Online marketing is therefore an ongoing process.

So how do you create a cost effective marketing campaign for your real estate business?  There isn’t any definite answer to this question. You have to incorporate lots of things so as to ultimately come up with a cost effective marketing campaign that can assure you return on investment. You might find this pretty amazing but even answering a call, catching up with a previous client, sending out small thank you notes or talking over a cup of coffee with your client is branding. These are some of the things that you have to do as an agent or broker. Introducing a real estate marketing firm is another thing which as you will find out, is a move that will steer your business in the right direction.

The goal of digital marketing companies in the real estate vertical is simple but their importance cannot be ignored. Your preferred agent (assuming he is competent) will link your services to people who will be beneficial to your business since they need your services. For this to happen, there are 5 golden rules of successful marketing that will cost you nothing.

1) Gain customer confidence – Your attitude, customer service, clothes and accessories should project an image of competence, quality, experience and dependability. It should also clearly portray the advantage as well as the reasons for anyone to do business with you. Cultivate an image that easily sets you apart from the herd. Then upgrade your communication skills and ensure that the look you portray is a sincere and an enthusiastic one that will be have an impact to all your prospects.

2) Penetrate awareness of your prospects by following an integrated marketing plan– Remember that marketing is the only tool that will assure you of visibility. Maintain clear boundaries between a strong but effective campaign and brash in your marketing campaign. Don’t talk much about yourself. Instead, focus on your prospects.

3) Identify your prospect’s needs- always keep in mind that purchasing and selling is an emotional decision. Articulate well how you will meet the needs of your prospects. Then show them how and why your company has ability it has to improve their lives once and for all.

4) Dispel distrust- This is often the hardest part, especially if at one point or another, you served a client who wasn’t impressed with your services. Overcome the initial hesitation that other procpets may have by offering them references, testimonials and written guarantees.  Become a proud member of a reputed professional organization such as the Better Business Bureau.

5) Introduce innovative measures in your service- This is where you have to be smart. Introduce real estate marketing services that are unique. Services like offering a month’s free subscription to a journal or a local newspaper or free maid service. It is human nature to pick on extras and tell other about it. It may be costly at first but it will set you apart from the crowd and guarantee you leads. It’s simple. The more innovative your service is, the more it gets talked about.

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