5 Marketing Tips to Help Real estate Agents Outsell the Competition

Imagine your bank just approved your loan application to open up a storefront in a

Real Estate Office

Real Estate Office (Photo credit: pixieclipx)

popular shopping center. You have everything figured out and all you can see is your ‘Prime Real Estate Agency’ being the talk of town. But there is a big problem. Just three shops down is another Real Estate Agency that has been in business for more than 30 years! How can you handle the competition?

This scenario is more than just identical to a new real estate who is just staring his or her business over the internet, except instead of just three competitors, he or she has thousands.  That business professional is you! You have to know how to compete like a pro and how to be the best you can ever be…

#1.  Understand the Competition

Research and understand the competition then create a marketing strategy that utilizes the concept of building a following of your own.  Keep in mind that there are more than 6 million people around the world using search engines day after day. In other words, the internet offers you the largest possible audience to leverage.  You therefore have the potential of generating many more clients.

#2. Create Compelling Content and a Friendly Website

By friendly, I mean a website that has what it takes to catch the eye of anyone and make him or her surf the pages for long. This calls for a competent designer, something that shouldn’t be a problem at all since there are more than enough web designers who can help you develop a breathtaking website. As for the content, always keep in mind that the right content for your real estate website can mean the whole difference between the first page of search engine results (above all your competition) and the last page where needless to say, no one will know or care that you even exist. If your competitor is always above you year in year out, take a look at his or her site ( but don’t copy written content!). Try to do what he or she is doing but in a different, smart way. Create compelling content that offers more information and connection with your prospects,

#3 Incorporate a Strong Auto Response System

Creation of a strong splash page and the incorporation of a strong, reliable auto response system is one perfect way to keep your existing clients and increase your subscriber list.  You might have to be patient before establishing a clientele but with the right real estate marketing strategies in place, you will always get there. Think about it for a moment. Would you rather do business with an agency that sends you offers monthly or an agency that you always have to track down to find some sort of a deal? Its obvious that you would want to do business with an agency that stays in touch with you and build a rapport with not just the existing clients but also with prospects. Taking your real estate site to the buyers, rather than having them search for you is being smart….and competitive!

#4 Relate Well With Your Prospects

The National Association of Realtors reports that 87% of buyers often begin their search online. It further reports that they often start shopping six or even more months before finally sealing a deal. Chances are, your agency could be one of those that a prospective buyer will consult or better still, could be the final one that the prospective buyer will consult and ultimately seal a deal. What could happen if for instance, you fail to respond to his or her inquiries? He or she will without a doubt flee. Relate to anyone who consults you well.  Do this right and word will spread round that you are one of the best real estate marketing companies in your area.

#5 Be Different!

That’s just that. Be your own brand. One that people can always hand pick from any crowd with their eyes closed. You have to be overly smart for you to do this. Try offering a few free services such as free monthly or even yearly subscription of local newspapers or journals.  People love freebies worldwide. As such, anything free from your website or rather company will attract leads like light attracts a moth!

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