2 Key Ways Real Estate Agents Can Increase Their Listings

In case you hadn’t noticed, the Internet has turned realtors’ jobs upside down.  You can Real Estate Listingslearn more about your profession in a day of online reading than you could in months of classes and seminars.    You can add apps to your website that generate leads while you sleep and apps to your mobile phone that make it possible to view homes and entire neighborhoods from your office or auto.

Technology makes it easy to increase your expertise and improve your real estate marketing skills, including real estate SEO.  Technology also makes it harder to prove yourself to potential home sellers and buyers.

Because  the technology available to you is also available to potential clients.  The Internet has made everyone a real estate expert.  Or makes everyone think he’s an expert.

And that can be a problem.  While you’re pitching your services as a listing agent, homeowners are pulling up data on their tablets and mobile phones.  They’ve read the articles on “How to Get Your Real Estate Agent to Lower his Commission,” “Why You Shouldn’t Lock Yourself into an Exclusive Listing Agreement” and “The 5 Best Ways to Get Your Asking Price.”

Today’s home buyers and sellers are better informed but not necessarily more knowledgeable about real estate marketing.  How do you prove your expertise — and land clients — in an increasingly competitive and data-centric world?

1.  Make Friends with Technology

You don’t need to own every real estate app on the market, but you should at least make yourself familiar with the latest software.  And take advantage of apps that make your job easier, including those that offer real-time MLS listings and those that help you measure room size and calculate mortgage payments.

More important, you should be able to answer questions such as “Is your website SEO-friendly?”  and “Do you use lead generating software?”  Work with an SEO real estate marketing company to  make certain your website ranks high in searches and that you can confidently tell prospective clients that you employ the most sophisticated real estate marketing tools available.

2.  Create Value for Potential Clients

A homeowner may interview several real estate agents before choosing one and may also consider listing and selling his home without the help of a realtor.

So, it’s essential that you clearly demonstrate that you would deliver the greatest value to the client.  Take some time to discern a homeowner’s needs — apart from selling price and commission fees — and offer specific deliverables.

These might include:

  • Guarantees.  If your goal is, for example, to secure a 90-day exclusive listing, can you make any promises to a homeowners that would make them comfortable with such an arrangement?  Can you guarantee a certain number of showings or open houses that, if unmet, would release a client from the agreement?  Or, if you want a higher commission than the client proposes, can you offer deliverables that would justify a higher fee?  Perhaps the higher fee would apply only if you obtain a certain selling price or complete the sale within a specified period of time.  Build trust — and your client list — by backing up your claims and promises.
  • Accommodations.   Not all clients want the same thing.  For every homeowner who wants an open house every Wednesday and Sunday, another wants none at all.  Some homeowners welcome traffic at all hours of the day and others want to restrict viewings to certain times.  Assure clients that you are working for them and put their needs first.  Your clients have lots of choices in real estate agents. Give homeowners every possible reason to choose you.
  • Extras.   Everyone likes extras.  Kids don’t like to leave birthday parties without their party favors, and celebrities clamor for their swag bags at film festivals and awards shows.  Think of some creative giveaways for your clients.  Before you shoo homeowners away on an open house day, give them a Starbucks coupon or passes to a local museum exhibit.  Or bring a coloring book and crayons over to occupy a couple’s children during a showing.  Inexpensive, but thoughtful gestures can pay off.

Creative real estate marketing is augmented by marketing tools for real estate agents, but your ultimate success and the best real estate marketing ideas begin with you.

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