10 Guaranteed Ways to Win Big with Google Places for Business and Get Winning Leads

For any small to medium sized business, the Internet offers a number of free services that can help with expanding and diversifying a customer base. One of the most effective ways to reach out to more people and improve the overall search engine optimization (SEO) of your business’ web presence is by taking advantage of Google Places for Business. This is a service that will completely change how easily new and existing customers are able to find your business, both online and off. Here are 10 ways you can use Google Places for Business to generate dozens of leads.

Establish a Fully Optimized Listing for Your Business to Crush the Competition

One of the things you’ll realize right away after spending a few minutes browsing listings on Google Places is that despite everything the service offers, there are many businesses with listings that are either barely complete, missing key features, or quite simply not there at all. More often than not, these types of listings have been posted by businesses that have yet to grasp just how beneficial a fully optimized Google Places page can be for building their customer base. This is where your business can step in and set up a fully optimized listing to immediately gain an advantage over all your competitors who have yet to establish a firm presence. All it takes to optimize your Google Places page is to include all the relevant information about your business (hours, location, contact number, website link, etc.) along with photos of your location and as many reviews as possible from your customers. By simply including all of this on your listing and actually having the listing itself online, your business will be positioning itself to show up first in the search results ahead of everyone else.

Take Advantage of Targeted Marketing to Bring in Local Customers

With a Google Places listing for your business, you’ll be linking directly to all of your local customers thanks to Google’s targeted marketing platform. For example, let’s say there’s a business based somewhere in the city of Vancouver, and someone in the city makes a search on Google for something directly related to the product or service offered that said business offers. Google responds to these search terms (“coffee in Vancouver,” “books in Vancouver,” “fitness classes in Vancouver,” etc.) with relevant local listings that will be displayed in their results and that link to the Google Maps application. This can significantly help that particular business with building its local Vancouver SEO ranking. By targeting your SEO campaign to the local Vancouver market, you can ensure that you show up first in the rankings – making it easy for customers to browse your site or drop by your physical location.

Use the Review Functionality to Attract Attention Online

Another way Google Places allows your business to win big is with the review functionality offered on the main page of your listing. There, your customers can post about their experiences with your business by writing up a full description of their thoughts about it and even giving it an overall rating. They can also share 
or recommend your listing to all their friends. Assuming your business is one that maintains an active relationship with its customer base and encourages anyone who enjoys its product or service to leave reviews online, you’ll be able to build a reputation that will make your listing very attractive to anyone searching online for what you offer.

Use an Optimized Page to Drive More Visitors to Your Main Website

Depending upon the exact nature of your business, your main website might be a major hub of information that can instantly turn a prospect into an actual customer. A Google Places listing is one more route that you can use as an avenue to drive relevant, targeted traffic to your website and build your customer base. Anyone using Google to search for something related to your business is already a potential customer; it’s just a matter of getting their attention and then enticing them to learn more about your business. With an optimized page on Google Places, your business can use its main listing as both the attention-getting headline and the method of enticement, showing off all of your previous customer reviews and location pictures
so that a potential customer feels interested enough to click that external link and visit your main website.

Reach On-the-Go Mobile Users in Your Targeted Demographic

Regardless of which particular age group your business targets, there are plenty of mobile users out there across every demographic bracket who use their smart phone or tablet to browse the Internet, especially while on the go.


A Google Places listing will make sure that you’re able to reach all of those potential customers, since the service itself is fully integrated with nearly every mobile platform in existence. This means that no matter where your potential customers are, they’ll be able to find your business online and, if they’re in the area of your brick and mortar location, even make plans to drop by in-store.

Upgrade Your Account to Actively Promote Your Business

Your basic Google Places account is completely free, allowing you to make a fully optimized listing and capitalize on all that it can offer, but you also have the option to upgrade to a premium account and gain access to services like AdWords Express. This is a Google-based platform that will enable your business to easily put out eye catching online ads, and the best part is that you only pay when your ads brings you real results. Google displays your customized ad anytime someone searches for a product or service related to your business and you’re located in that searcher’s area. The ad itself will either display a link to your main business website or a
contact number to call, and you only get charged when a customer actually reaches out to you in one of those two ways.

Use Your Optimized Listing to Ensure You Never Lose Potential Customers

Assuming your business uses the service properly and optimizes its listing, Google Places can help you ensure you never lose a potential customer again due to a lack of information. You’ll be able to provide potential customers with everything they need for becoming paying customers including your address, phone number, website link, hours of operation, and customer reviews. With all of that information in front of them, potential customers will have a clear path before them for making the next move, whether that be visiting you in-store or going to your website and making a transaction there.

Put Out Offers and Promotions to Reach More Customers

The Google Places premium service also provides businesses with a platform through which to entice new or existing customer using Google Offers. This is a platform that will enable you to put out regular, weekly, or monthly offers in the form of coupons. These coupons allow your customers to save a certain dollar amount or percentage of the sale price of one of your products or services. These
offers can work for you whether you are selling online, in-store, or both. For in- store purchases, customers can use their phone as they’re going through checkout to show you the coupon they received online. Google Places will feature your offers both on your main listing and through the Google Maps application, which will show potential local customers your offer as they browse your geographical location.

Establish a Listing With a Resource Nearly Everyone Online is Using

The Internet has an abundance of local listing catalogues like the YellowPages and others that are all trying to compete with Google’s established framework, but the simple fact remains that the vast majority of people searching the web for businesses use Google Places in combination with Maps to find whatever product/service they’re looking for. You could make business postings to other listings on other such online services, but focusing on your Google Places listing is the easiest way to capitalize on a service that by far has the largest user base out of all its competitors. That user base represents countless customer leads that your business
has to gain just by making itself noticed on the Google platform.

Use the Business View Feature to Put Your Best Face Forward

Another premium feature on Google Places that you can use to reach out to your customers is the Business View feature, which allows people browsing your listing to receive a full 360 degree tour of your in-store location. This serves as an excellent way to convince potential customers that are thinking about visiting one of your locations to actually visit in-person. The Business View will show a full panorama of your brick and mortar site, one that has been stitched together using a series of photos taken by the professional photographer that Google sends directly to your address. This is an affordable solution through the Google Places service that will give your business a premium quality photo-shoot to lend authenticity to your online presence.

Whether you’re a business looking for the best SEO Vancouver has to offer, or you’re a business based elsewhere in the world looking to do the same in your local region, Google Places is the platform for you. It offers a multitude of different ways to win big and generate brand new customer leads that you would have never thought possible otherwise. Some of these ways it can help your business include giving it the ability to use things like optimized listings to crush the competition, targeted marketing for bringing in local customers, review functionality for building an online presence, AdWords Express and Google Offers to reach more customers, and
Business View to make sure it puts its best face forward. The Google Places platform also provides your business with a means to drive traffic to its main website, reach out to the mobile user community, and establish itself firmly in the leading online service when it comes to local business listings.

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